01/03/22 - UK Policy Wording Updates effective 1st April 2022

Technical Update 

UK Policy Wording Updates effective 1st April 2022

Please note that our UK products and policy wordings have been updated for new business and renewals with an effective date of 1st April 2022 and onwards. You can view all new product documentation on the Document Centre

What's changed?

Click on the product links below to view what's changed for each:

Plum Online Portal Products

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Retreat >>
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HomeWorks >>
PropertyWorks >>
Amethyst Original >>
Amethyst >>
Premier >>

Full Cycle EDI Products

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Changes applicable to all products

The following general changes are applicable to all policy wordings

  • We've added in information regarding what happens at renewal including a statement to explain that the policy does not auto renew (not applicable to HomeWorks or PropertyWorks as these are fixed term policies)
  • We've included updates to website links containing information of the insurers
  • We've updated the website link for our Privacy Policy
  • We've added in the definitions for 'flood' and 'storm' which are now in bold where shown elsewhere within the wording.

Speak to us

If you have any questions about what's contained in this technical update you can contact us at technical-management@plum-underwriting.com