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Our Claims Philosophy

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Clare Foulger - Richard Weston Limited

We strive to provide the very best claims service possible.

We take very seriously that it is our responsibility to settle valid claims quickly, fairly and efficiently.

We have developed a fast, efficient, courteous and always fair approach towards the handling of claims. We have done this in an effort to minimise the upheaval and disruption a claim can cause.

If detailed investigation into a claim is required, we ensure that this is carried out quickly in order to deliver a decision to our policyholders at the earliest opportunity.

Our three stage approach

Green Light

At notification of all claims, provided there is evidence of an insured loss, the assumption is made that the claim is valid.

If during assement of the claim, there remain any issues that prevent a decison being conveyed to the insured, the claim moves to the next stage.

Amber Light

Prompt investigations are carried out with a view to resolve the issue(s) preventing delivery of a decision to the insured.

The duration of investigations is monitored to ensure that no unnecessary delays occur.

Once investigations are complete, the claim either returns to green light status to be settled or to red light status.

Red Light

A decision to deny the claim is made and communicated to the insured and broker accompanied by a detailed explanation of the reasons behind the decision without delay.

Copies of all relevant supporting documentation will be supplied to aid explanation.

The key to this process is that we ensure through constant monitoring and review that the decision whether to pay or deny a claim is not unnecessarily delayed at the amber light stage. By ensuring this, we undertake to deliver a decision on a policyholder’s claim at the earliest possible time following notification. When a claim is categorised as amber, we target our investigations to those required to enable a decision on liability to be made.

Whether you are a Binder Broker with a delegated authority, or an Open Market broker, we will inform you of any claim submitted by the client that is to be declined. We follow this philosophy for all of our claims irrespective of the cover provided.

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