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11/12/2013 - Plum extends HomeWorks reach to let property...
London, 11th December 2013: Specialist household insurance provider Plum Underwriting has extended the reach of its HomeWorks product to cover landlords undertaking extensive building extension projects...
13/11/2013 - The Time is right...
... to insure large domestic renovations and extensions in the Republic of Ireland, says Plum.
17/10/2013 - HomeWorks | Residential building works cover now available for Landlords
HomeWorks is the policy chosen by brokers throughout the UK who have homeowner clients who are renovating, refurbishing or extending their properties where the works are too extensive for standard home insurance.
19/09/2013 - Flex | A home for all your non-standard needs
Our commitment to supporting you, and to individually underwriting each enquiry we receive, has made us the market of choice for specialist home insurance for brokers throughout the UK.
29/08/2013 - Plum's David Whitaker talks to the Post Magazine about non-standard home insurance
With increasingly cautious insurers regularly redefining what should be classed as non-standard risks, is expertise available to deal with the challenges they present?
29/08/2013 - Read all about it in the Summer issue of Far From Standard - win a Kindle Fire
Summer 2013 sees the release of the latest issue of Far From Standard, our magazine put together to keep you updated about us and our plans.
30/07/2013 - Flex - Now offering 3 levels of cover for unoccupied properties
At Plum we're committed to supporting UK brokers; to helping you win and retain profitable business. So when you told us that you wanted further cover options for unoccupied homes, we listened and we're pleased to announce that with immediate effect we've added two further levels of cover.
23/07/2013 - Plum covers Northern Ireland
We're delighted to announce that our Amethyst, Flex and HomeWorks products are now available in Northern Ireland.
24/05/2013 - WINNER Plum Premier League 2012/2013 and May Manager of the Month
Congratulations to our WINNER of the Plum Premier League 2012/2013 and also to the May Manager of the Month.
05/05/2013 - Plum refurbishes HomeWorks in time for key building season
Specialist household insurance provider Plum Underwriting has relaunched its HomeWorks product to incorporate cover for the property owner's general contents in time for the start of the key spring building season.
23/04/2013 - Flex | It can get non-standard at the top:
It is estimated that approximately 5-10% of home insurance risks that would normally fit into the High Net Worth category are deemed to be too "non-standard" or "distressed" for the usual high net worth insurers to consider.
28/03/2013 - HomeWorks Refurbished
HomeWorks is our specialist product for your clients who are renovating, refurbishing or extending their homes where the building works are too extensive for the appetite of high net worth home insurers.
19/03/2013 - Plum appoints Niall Madders as Senior Technical Underwriter from Chubb
Plum Underwriting is pleased to announce that Niall Madders has joined its team as Senior Technical Underwriter to further support the growth of its new business activity and to help ensure Plum continues to provide a first class service to brokers and delivers on its commitment to the individual underwriting of risks.
26/02/2013 - Flex | Unlock the premium potential of non-standard home insurance
In contrast with the system driven, standard market insurers, we are actively seeking those larger, more difficult non-standard and specialist cases with a higher degree of risk and/or exposure. Plum Flex can cover sums insured of up to £10 million, so it can cater for the full spectrum of your clients struggling to obtain home insurance.
17/01/2013 - Plum's Mahben Quddus talks to Post Magazine about the benefits of outsourcing
Outsourcing administration can ease the pressure on staff, allowing them to focus on the jobs they were hired to do.
15/01/2013 - Plum targets mid-net-worth market with Amethyst
Plum Underwriting has unveiled a new mid net worth home insurance product, "Amethyst", designed to help brokers retain existing clients within the home insurance niche.

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