Answers to some common questions we receive. 


If the postcode/Eircode is not recognised by our system, please input as ZZ1 1ZZ and within the ‘additional notes’ field enter the true postcode/Eircode. Our Underwriting team will then review as part of the quotation process.

NOTE: We may request a pinpoint map location of the property to help us allocate a postcode area rating so if you have one please send this over to us but replying to the quote confirmation email.

Please submit this under Flex and within the ‘additional notes’ field note the different occupancy types and where they may be applicable in relation to the property, for example: main residence is owner occupied, detached annexe is let to professionals.

Please submit the quote based on one property and either add details of the additional properties within the ‘additional notes’ field or if multiple properties send us a follow up email (you can reply to the email you will receive when your quote has been submitted as this will then be uploaded straight onto the quote file).

If, however you have a large portfolio for us to consider, please call our Underwriting team to discuss and where possible, please provide a target premium.

NOTE: If all the properties are let please submit on the Let product. If there is a mixture of occupancy types, for example some let, some holiday let please submit on Flex.

If the subsidence was within the past 15 years we would need full structural reports which confirm the cause and what was done to rectify the problem. If over 15 years ago we may consider subsidence cover without any paperwork but we would still ideally need an understanding of the cause and what was done to rectify the problem. Cases will be judges on their own merit.

At present we do not cover thatched properties.

We can offer cover for client’s who permanently live outside of the UK subject to them holding either a UK or ROI bank account (whichever is most suitable) for claims payment purposes. For Overseas Retreat however the client must be a UK domicile.

Please note that some policies will also require additional conditions such as regular inspections of the property so please ensure these conditions can be met (please check the policy wordings available on our document centre for all conditions or speak to our Underwriting team).

We will cover incidents where an ‘act of terrorism’ has caused damage, the obvious examples being fire, explosion and aircraft.

What we do not cover however is:

  • any legal liability of whatsoever nature; or
  • death or injury to any person,

caused by or contributed by or arising from biological or chemical contamination due to or arising from;

  1. i) an act of terrorism; and/or
  2. ii) steps taken to prevent, suppress, control or reduce the consequences of any actual attempted, threatened, suspected or perceived act of terrorism.

For commercial properties, we can only offer cover where they are unoccupied with renovation works being carried out (PropertyWorks product).

For part residential/part commercial, for example a shop with a flat above please speak to our Underwriting team.

We can also quote for unoccupied commercial properties where a change of use into residential is planned or has been submitted.

No, HomeWorks and PropertyWorks have been designed to cover the existing structure plus the contract works but please refer your case into our Underwriting team as other products may be available.

To submit the quote pleased enter TBC within the ‘contractors name’ and ‘contractors address’ fields and within the ‘additional notes’ field add a note by way of explanation (if multiple contractors please provide details for all contractors). We will then quote subject to the contractors’ details being provided and verified.

Only where the property was formally used for own holiday use and/or holiday letting and has since become permanently unoccupied. We can offer FLEEA only (Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion and Aircraft) cover in the following territories: Spain, Italy, Portugal and Republic of Ireland.

NOTE: Earthquake cover is not available in Italy or in Portugal for properties built prior to 2000.

Yes, risks can be considered for properties with air b’n’b letting, either in part or whole. 

We offer a direct debit facility via Premium Credit Ltd who charge 6% interest (11.5% APR) over 12 months (note this facility is only available for annual policies). A direct debit mandate, which can be found on our document centre will need completing and returning to us.

Return premiums are provided on a pro-rata (proportional) basis including on short term policies subject to no-claims and a cancellation fee (details of which are shown on schedule).