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Commercial Building Works insurance

Liability Exposures

This concerns the liability of the property owner in respect of others to compensate them for injury or damage to their property whilst the works are ongoing.

A property owner may think that if a builder he hires injures a visitor, that builders insurance will pay. This belief has some merit but a visitor will see the owner as the creator of the risk, even if someone is working on his behalf.

There are also other concerns that come with relying on another party’s insurance to provide adequate cover. For instance, the property owner should ensure that the contractors’ insurance is adequate, is still in force (has been renewed) and that they are not committing acts that are in breach of their policy conditions.

Another important aspect to consider is the extent of liability cover required under a JCT contract. The standard JCT wording states that the contractor is only liable for their own negligence and not the negligence of the property owner.

It is therefore very important to protect the owner from potential gaps in the cover from arising. 

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