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Commercial Building Works insurance

The Existing Structure

Why PropertyWorks? When notifying their current property insurer of a significant renovation, particularly where insurance cover is prescribed by contract, property owners can frequently find themselves faced with numerous difficulties.

Property insurers are often unable to accept the risk of insuring what is effectively a building site with all the inherent risks they bring:

  • Removal of doors, windows and roofs,
  • Delivery of plant and machinery,
  • An increased number of individuals with access to the property,
  • The application of heat during the works,
  • Debris

Depending on the circumstances, some insurers will look to stop covering the property and come off risk.

Alternatively, an insurer may provide some cover on the existing property but this is usually on a vastly reduced and highly restricted basis. This then puts the property owner at risk of being in breach of any contractual obligations that may apply to the contract.

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