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Commercial Building Works insurance

PropertyWorks is a dedicated insurance policy for commercial property owners renovating, refurbishing and extending their commercial properties in the UK.

Our policy provides cover under one single, seamless policy for the existing structure, the contract works, the contents and the property owner's liability exposures for the period of any rebuilding, refurbishment or construction. 

A seamless policy

  • Existing structure
  • Contract works
  • Contents
  • Property owner's liability
  • Legal helpline

Register your interest

If you're interested in getting access to PropertyWorks, please email agency@plum-underwriting.com to register your interest.



Regardless of whether a contract requires your client to insure, we believe that all property owners should be concerned about protecting their property and liability on a “First Party” basis. Your client's property is an important and valuable asset and it is therefore imperative that they maintain control over the insurance arrangements to best protect their interests.

PropertyWorks is backed by a team of specialist underwriters who have many years experience of contract works and property insurance. They understand the very real risks that your client' could be exposed to if they do not have adequate protection from their insurance cover.

Our cover is tailor-made to fit the specific requirements of your client and ensures that they are protected against the risks they either contractually agree to insure, or ought to be concerned about when insuring properly. 

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