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Residential Building Works home insurance - new and improved from 1 July 2020

Legal Helpline

Telephone advice for any private legal problem...

Within the UK* the policy automatically provides a 24 hour advisory service for telephone advice on any private legal problem of concern to the homeowner or any member of their household. Specialist lawyers are at hand to help the homeowner or if they need a lawyer or accountant to act for them.

Whilst this section does not provide legal expenses cover, the helpline may be able to offer the homeowner assistance under a private funding arrangement.

As an addition to the legal helpline service, the homeowner will have access to a Legal Document Service.

This will provide them with:

  • Access to a range of legal document templates
  • A step by step walkthrough to assist in completing the documents

*The legal helpline and Legal Document Service are not currently available for policyholders in the Republic of Ireland.

For full terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations please refer to our policy summary and policy wording, available at the Document Centre.

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