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Residential Building Works home insurance - new and improved from 1 July 2020

Key aspects of the cover

  • We can insure existing structures in joint names for "All Risks".
  • We can insure the contract works, also in joint names, on the same basis as the existing structure.
  • We can insure the home contents against all the standard home insurance perils.
  • We can insure the homeowners' liability risk where a contingent exposure arises from the acts of the contractor.
  • We normally give "all risks" coverage within the scope of a broad wording, nominal excesses and a very limited number of policy restrictions.
  • We normally encourage clients to use HomeWorks irrespective of the joint names clause. This gives the client;
    • Coverage for both the existing structure, the works and materials on a first party basis
    • A consistent basis of settlement
    • Only one insurer and one loss adjuster applies
    • Only one excess
    • Removal of grey areas as to what is existing structure and what is works or materials at the time of loss
    • Only one point of contact to resolve the claim
    • Option to extend coverage to insure "non negligence" type exposures

Please note that this summary is not intended as a full list of our policy conditions and exclusions. For full terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations please refer to our key facts and policy wording, available at the Document Centre.

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