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Residential Building Works home insurance - new and improved from 1 July 2020

Theft and Vandalism

What is the risk? Always ensure that the home and its contents are adequately protected from intruders. However, during the course of works, with workmen perhaps going in and out of the premises, doors and windows may be left open and unattended. Scaffolding may make access to the upper parts of the building easier.

Steps that can help prevent a theft from the property:

  • Consider whether additional security will be required during the works to cater for this increased accessibility.
  • If asking a contractor to secure the premises at the end of a day's work, ensure that they are aware of all the security measures that should be put in place.
  • Works materials should be secured rather than left out in the open and especially overnight.
  • If a property is unoccupied, particularly in a remote location, it is more susceptible to intruders. Additional security measures should be considered and proper supervision of the home/site should be carried out.

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