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Residential Building Works home insurance - new and improved from 1 July 2020


The safety of your client, their family, the contractors and the public is paramount. The very nature of certain works exposes everybody to an increased risk of injury.

If using a professional architect or contractor to manage a project the client should ensure that they are adequately qualified and that they have adopted Health and Safety procedures on site.

What is the Risk?

Whilst certain contract conditions between the client and the contractor may mean that they are responsible for insuring certain aspects of cover in joint names, (meaning that the client or their insurer cannot pursue a negligent contractor causing loss from a contract specified cause), there may be circumstances where the client or their insurer are able to pursue a recovery from a contractor.

Steps that can limit exposure to liability issues should they arise:

  • Your client should check that any contractor working for them has adequate Public Liability insurance.
  • Gutters and waste pipes should be kept clear of any rubbish.
  • Contractors would normally have cover, somewhere between a limit of £1,000,000 to £5,000,000 (€1,000,000 to €5,000,000 in the Republic of Ireland).
  • It would be wise to ensure that their cover limit would be enough to reimburse the client should they be responsible for causing a total loss at the property e.g. if the clients house is worth £2,000,000/€2,000,000, it would be sensible to insist that the contractor has Public Liability cover in force for at least that amount.

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