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Residential Building Works home insurance - new and improved from 1 July 2020

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Helping your client to safeguard their property and reduce their exposures.

During the course of works at their home, your client will be exposing this valuable and important asset to increased risk. Regardless of whether your client chooses to buy insurance to protect themselves (and of course, we strongly recommend that they do), it is still important that they consider ways of protecting their property and exposures resulting from injury or damage to a third party.

Considerations such as JCT/RIAI contracts, non negligence and basement excavations all require additional understanding and explanation to the client. To help with this we have compiled the following which you may find useful to remind your client of the issues they need to be aware of when their home is undergoing works.


HomeWorks - A Brokers Guide (UK)

Why Choose Homeworks - The benefits of HomeWorks over a standard household policy (UK)


HomeWorks - A Brokers Guide (ROI)

Why Choose Homeworks - The benefits of HomeWorks over a standard household policy (ROI)


(Please note that special conditions could apply to the Homeworks insurance we arrange for your client. In the event that cover is agreed, clients should refer to their policy schedule and wording for the specific details of the cover applicable to them).

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