Flood Re

We work with Flood Re to provide flood home insurance to those who need it most.

Flood Re

In some cases where the risk of flooding to a home is higher than usual, we work with Flood Re to provide flood insurance cover as part of your overall home insurance policy with us.

If you have a policy with us, your policy schedule will show whether flood insurance is included via Flood Re.

About Flood Re

  • Flood Re is a joint initiative between the Government and insurers and works behind the scenes, taking on the high flood risk elements of your home insurance
  • Flood Re collect an annual levy from home insurers each year and the insurers can pass on the flood risk part of your policy to Flood Re
  • You don’t have to do a thing, if you make a valid claim on your insurance Flood Re reimburses the insurer from the central Flood Re fund
  • With this support from Flood Re, insurers are able to provide affordable insurance, even on those homes which are most at risk as the insurers no longer have to pay the cost of the flood claim

Flood Re works in the background, helping the insurance industry to offer more affordable insurance to everyone with eligible properties that may be at risk of flooding.

No. You will continue to buy insurance and make claims through your insurer in the same way as you do now.


Find out more about flood risk levels in your area and how to minimise the impact on your property: www.gov.uk/check-flood-risk

For further information, please visit the Flood Re website or speak to your insurance broker or intermediary.